Orienteering Results for Sia Svendsen

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Relay Results

EventEventDateClassTeam NameClubPlaceResultCourse1Firstname1Surname1Result1Course2Firstname2Surname2Result2Course3Firstname3Surname3Result3Variation
New Zealand Champs 2002 RelaysApr 01 2002Mixed LongSia's Hilly ReentrantsSWE-PAPOUNOF131.14ML1SaraWallen53.01ML2HengZhang35.15ML3SiaSvendsen42.58 


South Island Champs 2008 Mass StartNew ZealandWMRD2SiaSvendsen 76.51Apr 25 2008
South Island Champs 2008 Sprint DistanceNew ZealandWR38SiaSvendsenPAPO38.23Apr 25 2008
South Island Champs 2002 Day 2New ZealandM21B 2SiaSvendsenPAPO61.29Apr 07 2002
South Island Champs 2002 Day 1New ZealandM21B 3SiaSvendsenPAPO132.27Apr 06 2002
New Zealand Champs 2002 Short-ONew ZealandW21B2SiaSvendsenPAPO72.35Mar 31 2002
New Zealand Champs 2002New ZealandW21B1SiaSvendsenPAPO64.57Mar 30 2002

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