Orienteering Results for Jeff Wastney

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Organising Roles

New Zealand Champs 1978 JeffWastneyOrganiserWaitarereMay 14 1978WaitarereWOA

New Zealand Badge Credits

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Wellington Champs 1983New ZealandM21A13JeffWastneyW137.06INov 27 1983            
Queens Birthday 3 Day 1981New ZealandM21A JeffWastneyW  May 30 1981DNSDNS67.44         
ANZ Challenge 1981New ZealandM21A27JeffWastneyW148.56IMay 16 1981            
4th New Zealand Team Trial 1981New ZealandM21A22JeffWastneyW112.19IMar 15 1981            
2nd New Zealand Team Trial 1981New ZealandM21A19JeffWastneyW113.32IFeb 07 1981            
New Zealand Champs 1980New ZealandM21A24JeffWastneyW149.37IOct 26 1980            
Wellington Champs 1980New ZealandM21A9JeffWastneyW93.17GSep 14 1980            
Wellington Champs 1979New ZealandM21A4JeffWastneyW84.51GNov 11 1979            
New Zealand Champs 1979New ZealandM21A17JeffWastneyW146.36IOct 21 1979            
Easter 3 Day 1979New ZealandM21A JeffWastneyW  Apr 14 1979DNSDNSDNS         
New Zealand Champs 1978New ZealandM21A11JeffWastneyW79.35 May 14 1978            
Wellington Champs 1977New ZealandM21A1JeffWastneyW61.35 Nov 20 1977            
New Zealand Champs 1977New ZealandM21B2JeffWastneyW81.20 Oct 22 1977            

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