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Auckland Champs 1983New ZealandW21B SusanRyderSADNS Oct 30 1983            
Queens Birthday 3 Day 1983New ZealandW21B20SusanRyderSA  Jun 04 1983DNF58.18DNF         
Central Districts Champs 1982New ZealandW17A3SusanRyderSA73.54GNov 14 1982            
Auckland Champs 1982New ZealandW21B7SusanRyderSA74.10IAug 29 1982            
Auckland Champs 1981New ZealandW17A1SusanRyderSA95.36ISep 27 1981            
4th New Zealand Team Trial 1981New ZealandW17A3SusanRyderSA87.49GMar 15 1981            
3rd New Zealand Team Trial 1981New ZealandW17A SusanRyderSADNS Mar 01 1981            
New Zealand Champs 1980New ZealandW21B11SusanRyderSA68.38IOct 26 1980            
Queens Birthday 3 Day 1980New ZealandW17A3SusanRyderSA  May 31 1980DNSDNS49.22         
Trial 1979New ZealandW17A3SusanRyderSA116.04IDec 08 1979            
New Zealand Champs 1979New ZealandW13A SusanRyderSADNS Oct 21 1979            
Auckland Champs 1979New ZealandW15-164SusanRyderSA32.32 Sep 23 1979            
ANZ Challenge 1979New ZealandW15A3SusanRyderSA138.41GMay 19 197946.4991.52          
Easter 3 Day 1979New ZealandW15A SusanRyderSA  Apr 14 197994.3154.57DNF         
Queens Birthday 3 Day 1978New ZealandW15A4SusanRyderSA198.08 Jun 03 197846.2692.2859.14         

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