Orienteering Results for RACHEL MCCAHON

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Relay Results

EventEventDateClassTeam NameClubPlaceResultCourse1Firstname1Surname1Result1Course2Firstname2Surname2Result2Course3Firstname3Surname3Result3Variation
New Zealand Champs 1996 RelaysApr 08 1996MIXED AFRESH N FRUITYW24227.25MA1ALANLOWRIE79.30MA2NEILKANE55.32MA3RACHELMCCAHON40.44 


Wellington Champs 1999New ZealandW45A6RachelMcCahonW106.16Jun 07 1999
Wellington Champs 1999 Short-ONew ZealandW45A6RachelMcCahonW96.32Jun 06 1999
New Zealand Champs 1997 Short-ONew ZealandW45A8RachelMcCahonW71.52Jun 01 1997
New Zealand Champs 1997New ZealandW45A10RachelMcCahonW105.27May 31 1997
New Zealand Champs 1996 Short-ONew ZealandW45A RachelMcCahonW Apr 07 1996
New Zealand Champs 1996 Short-ONew ZealandW40A6RachelMcCahonW58.22Apr 07 1996
New Zealand Champs 1996New ZealandW45A10RachelMcCahonW119.41Apr 06 1996

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