Orienteering Results for Nicole Thomas

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ThomasNicoleRR QM16A0001 
ThomasNicoleRR QW16A1010 
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Australian Champs 2000AustraliaW20AS1NicoleThomasHKG55.24Jul 01 2000
Australian Champs 1997AustraliaW16A24NicoleThomasRRQ83.35Oct 04 1997
Southern Orienteering Series 1997 PointsNew ZealandW16A5NicoleThomasRR Q76.68Jan 08 1997
ANZ Challenge & SOS Series 1997 Event 6New ZealandM16A6NicoleThomasRR Q72.01Jan 07 1997
Southern Orienteering Series 1997 Event 5New ZealandW16A3NicoleThomasRR Q43.25Jan 05 1997
Australian Champs 1996AustraliaW16A21NicoleThomasRRQ92.42Dec 31 1996
Southern Orienteering Series 1997 Event 1New ZealandW16A5NicoleThomasRR Q51.39Dec 29 1996

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