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Waitangi Carnival Event 9New ZealandW1LauricRaguehNWC35.59Feb 10 2008
Waitangi Carnival Event 8New ZealandW1LauricRaguehNWC34.40Feb 09 2008
Central Districts Champs 2008 and Waitangi Carnival Event 6New ZealandWhite Open2LauricRaguehNWC38.03Feb 06 2008
Waitangi Carnival Event 5New ZealandW2LauricRagueh 12.10Feb 05 2008
Waitangi Carnival Event 4New ZealandW2LauricRaguehNWC19.58Feb 04 2008
Waitangi Carnival Event 1 and 3 ChasingNew ZealandW3LauricRaguehNWC47.39Feb 02 2008

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