Orienteering Results for Jim Snedden

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Relay Results

EventEventDateClassTeam NameClubPlaceResultCourse1Firstname1Surname1Result1Course2Firstname2Surname2Result2Course3Firstname3Surname3Result3Variation
New Zealand Champs 1997 RelaysJun 02 1997Mixed LongCounties Manukau 5CM44127.53ML1LynStanton58.00ML2DanielRowe45.24ML3JimSnedden24.29 
New Zealand Champs 1995 RelaysApr 17 1995MEN 50+AUCKLAND 4AK7282.563BCBertChapman122.353CAJimSnedden81.013ABGaryFarquhar79.11 


Central Districts Champs 1988New ZealandM45A3JimSneddenSA78.27Nov 06 1988
New Zealand Champs 1988New ZealandM45A16JimSneddenSA96.12Oct 23 1988
Auckland Champs 1988New ZealandM45A7JimSneddenSA86.47Oct 09 1988
ANZAC Weekend 1988New ZealandM45A JimSneddenSA Apr 23 1988
New Zealand Champs 1973New ZealandSenior B2JimSneddenSouth Auckland137.57Nov 25 1973

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