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New Zealand Champs 2006 Middle DistanceNew ZealandW21A3ElinLundgrenN51.49Apr 16 2006
New Zealand Champs 2006 Long DistanceNew ZealandW21A3ElinLundgrenN69.54Apr 15 2006
South Island Secondary Schools Champs 2002New ZealandGSC1ElinLundgrenWMAT43.10Sep 22 2002
New Zealand Secondary Schools Champs 2002New ZealandGSC2ElinLundgrenWAIE40.13Jul 12 2002
South Island Challenge Event 4 2002New ZealandW18A1ElinLundgren 42.02Apr 28 2002
Otago Champs 2002New ZealandW18A1ElinLundgren 62.14Apr 27 2002
South Island Champs 2002 Day 2New ZealandW18A 4ElinLundgrenUNK289.09Apr 07 2002
South Island Champs 2002 Day 1New ZealandW18A 1ElinLundgrenUNK284.26Apr 06 2002

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