Orienteering Results for Douglas Black

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South Island Champs 1993New ZealandM40A DouglasBlackD78.27Feb 20 1993
Otago Champs 1992New ZealandM40A DouglasBlackD Apr 04 1992
South Island Champs 1991New ZealandM40A5DouglasBlackD228.09Mar 09 1991
South Island Champs 1990New ZealandM40A DouglasBlackDDNSNov 10 1990
Otago Champs 1990New ZealandM40A5DouglasBlackD145.31Mar 31 1990
South Island Champs 1989New ZealandM40A12DouglasBlackD329.10Nov 11 1989
Canterbury Champs 1989New ZealandM40A DouglasBlack DNFAug 19 1989
South Island Seven Day 1989 PointsNew ZealandM40B12DouglasBlackD1569Jan 15 1989
South Island Seven Day 1989 Day 7New ZealandM40B5DouglasBlackD51.47Jan 15 1989
South Island Seven Day 1989 Day 4New ZealandM40B12DouglasBlackD93.09Jan 10 1989
South Island Champs 1988New ZealandM40B2DouglasBlackS59.30Nov 12 1988

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