Orienteering Results for B Dawe

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New Zealand Champs 1981New ZealandM12A5BDaweW53.30Oct 25 1981
Wellington Champs 1981New ZealandM12A4BDaweW59.18Sep 06 1981
Queens Birthday 3 Day 1981New ZealandM12A1BDaweW51.11May 30 1981
2nd New Zealand Team Trial 1981New ZealandM12A2BDaweW51.25Feb 07 1981
New Zealand Champs 1980New ZealandM12A9BDaweW42.27Oct 26 1980
Wellington Champs 1980New ZealandM12A7BDaweW58.31Sep 14 1980
Easter 3 Day 1979New ZealandM12A9BDaweW158.42Apr 14 1979
New Zealand Champs 1978New ZealandM12A8BDaweRK90.33May 14 1978

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